Friday, May 11, 2012

Miscellaneous Film Lists

This post contains a wide variety of film lists.  Check out the popular movies in the People’s Choice Awards.  It’s not always about best movies; see how many of the Razzie winning films you’ve watched.  Looking for some substance?  Try the Independent Spirit Awards.  There are several more lists here beyond those.  There’s a little something for everybody.

Because there are so many lists here I have not embedded the spreadsheets directly in the post, except in the case of the National Film Registry.  Instead each of these is a link that will take you to the actual tracking sheet to view or download it.  For all of these, by placing a “1” in the “Seen?” column to indicate you have seen the film you will get a running total and percentage at the bottom of the sheet.

The Annie Award is given to the best animated film of the year.

In 2001 Adult Video News (AVN) issued their list of the 101 best adult movies ever made.  Go ahead.  You know you want to look.

The Hugo Awards are handed out to the best in the Science Fiction genre.  They did not separate the award between movies and TV until 1998, but I have included all films that won the award prior to that year.

The Image Awards are handed out by the NAACP.  They have many categories for films to win in.  I have a tab for each one, as well as a combined tab.

The Independent Spirit Awards are designed to honor films produced outside the big studio system.  I have tabs for each of their categories and a combined tab with all the films in an alphabetical list.

The Kid’s Choice Awards were a spin-off of the People’s Choice Awards (see below).  Children in a certain age range vote on their favorite movie.

The Mtv Movie Awards at one time were the coolest movie awards in the business.  The last several years they’ve gotten kind of lame (or maybe I’ve just gotten too old.)  Billy Crystal copied some things from their awards show to make the Oscars livelier when he was hosting in the 1990s. 

The National Film Registry is where culturally, esthetically, and historically important American films are preserved.  Since 1989 up to 25 films that meet these criteria have been added each year to the registry.

The People’s Choice Awards were started in the 1970s as a counter to how out of touch some people felt the Oscars had gotten with the popular movie going audience.  These awards proved popular and they have since spawned the Kid’s Choice Awards (see above) and the Teen Choice Awards (see below).

The Razzie Awards were also a response to the Oscars, but on the other end of the spectrum.  They are given to the worst movie of the year. 

The Saturn Awards started out being specific to the science fiction genre but over the years they have expanded to include many different kinds of films. I have tabs for all of them, and a Combined alphabetical list.

The Teen Choice Awards were created because the People’s Choice and Kid’s Choice Awards (see above for both) were popular and the same company saw an opportunity to make more money by creating a third award show. 

If you see any mistakes, typos, etc., or have suggestions on how to improve these tracking sheets, please let me know in the comments.


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