Friday, May 11, 2012

Oscars and Golden Globes

The Academy Awards are the oldest film awards in the business.  The Oscar has been getting handed out since 1929.  The Golden Globes have been handed out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association since 1944.  While the same film is often selected as the best by both organizations, there are also significant differences from time to time.  The Golden Globes also split comedies and dramas into separate categories to ensure that comedies don’t get overlooked.

For all of these, by placing a “1” in the “Seen?” column to indicate you have seen the film you will get a running total and percentage at the bottom of the sheet.

Please note that the “Year” column in all of these sheets indicates the year the film won, not necessarily the year the film was released.

The first Oscars tracking sheet has tabs for the winners of each of the four categories where the film as a whole is honored.  Those are the Picture, Documentary, Foreign Language Film, and Animated Film categories.  By clicking on any of those tabs you will get a tracking sheet for each.  There is also a Combined tab that lists all of these films alphabetically.  The result is a list of 245 unique films that have won an Oscar over the years.

The second Oscars tracking sheet concentrates on the Best Picture category.  In addition to the 87 winners it also includes every single film nominated for the award.  There have been a total of 520 films nominated for Best Picture over the years.  There are tabs at the bottom for (reverse) Chronological and Alphabetical tracking sheets.  The winners for each year have an asterisk (*) after their name.

The third Oscars tracking sheet focuses on all the films whose directors or performers won an Oscar, even if the film itself did not get a nomination.  This provides a list of 350 unique films.  There are separate tabs for each category (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress) as well as consolidated tabs sorted both alphabetically and chronologically.

The Golden Globes tracking sheet has tabs for the seven different categories of Best Film winners they have awarded over the years.  Like the Oscars sheet there is also a Combined tab that lists every film alphabetically.  This results in a list of 263 unique films that have received a Golden Globe over the years.

If you see any mistakes, typos, etc., or have suggestions on how to improve these tracking sheets, please let me know in the comments.


  1. Thanks for the list. I mean they're always available on net but I'm glad someone has put them together :) Thanks again

    1. You're welcome. The idea is that you can also download these to your own computer and use them as your own personal tracking lists.