Friday, May 11, 2012

Film Awards from Countries Outside the United States

There are 25 different countries represented here, as well as two pan-continental film awards.  I tried to track down any country that had had a regular film awards process for more than the last few years. 

While doing this I found that both Wikipedia and IMDB are a mess in regards to some of their entries (especially Wikipedia).  Where possible I verified the lists presented here on the web pages of those country’s film associations, but since I don’t speak dozens of foreign languages, I was not always able to do this.  I have noted in some of the spreadsheets where lists may be off a little.  If you have a definitive source for one of these and it differs from what I have here, please let me know in the comments.

It was a lot of work doing this, but on the plus side, after transcribing and translating these lists I now have a 5-10 word vocabulary in a couple dozen languages.

Because there were so many of them I did not embed the spreadsheets directly into this page.  Instead I embedded links to the spreadsheets.  By clicking on them you will be able to see/download the ones you want.  For all of these, by placing a “1” in the “Seen?” column to indicate you have seen the film you will get a running total and percentage at the bottom of the sheet.

The Americas:

Note: Brazil’s Silver Daisies are given to several films most years and usually represent documentaries and shorts.  I chose not to include them.

Argentina – Silver Condors

– Genies

Mexico – Ariels

Asia and Oceania:

Asia Pacific Screen Awards


– Golden Roosters

Hong Kong

(both the Filmfare Awards and National Film Awards are included)


New Zealand

South Korea
– Grand Bells

– Golden Horses


Belgium (both Joseph Plateau and Magritte Awards are included)

The Czech Republic – Lions

– Roberts (the Bodil Awards are not included since those are critics’ awards)

European Film Awards

– Jussis

France – Cesars

– Lolas


– Davids

– Amandas


– Nikas (Yes, I know more of Russia is in Asia than Europe, but they are westward facing culturally)

– Goyas

– Guldbagges

The U.K. – BAFTAs

If you see any mistakes, typos, etc., or have suggestions on how to improve these tracking sheets, please let me know in the comments.

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